Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting Ready To Start!

We currently have 56 participants signed up for VSS and they're still coming in!  I'm hoping for even more as we enter the beginning part of summer vacation.  It's never too late to sign up.  You can sign up anytime by clicking the Sign Up link to the right or by sending your sign up form into the school.

I'm starting to see more and more Google Docs folders being shared with me, so I'm excited to start seeing some writing during the summer.  Again, if anyone needs help with this, please let me know.  Make sure any writing for VSS goes into the shared folder in order for me to see it.  I'll give some details about how to do this a little later.

Starting on Tuesday, kids can begin entering books into the Summer Reading Tracker.  Remember, you can earn 1 ticket for every 5 books entered, so do lots of reading this summer!

And, of course, you can be doing your Compass Learning activities any time.

I hear we're supposed to have a bit of a rainy week, so it's a perfect opportunity to get a good start on VSS activities!

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