Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekly Bonus Tickets

There were lots of difficult choices when deciding on bonus tickets this week, but here are your winners:

Compass Learning - The following people worked very hard on their Compass Learning accounts last week.  They all worked for over 2 hours, completed at least 10 activities, and made sure to re-take assignments that were below 80%.  Congratulations to Jacob D, Nick S, Michael VP, and Joshua W.  

Google Docs - Heidi S did some great research on E.B. White based on a recent writing idea.  Cathryn A has an amazing presentation of the different parts of Disney.  Olivia M created a wonderful and informative presentation about guinea pigs.  Finally, Mackenzie S watched the Bike Tricks video that I posted recently and gave me a great review of it.  Nice job girls!

Reading Tracker - Did you know that summer is almost half over.  That means that we are falling behind in our goal to reach 1,000 books submitted this summer.  We have to do a lot of catch up work over the next few weeks in order to make our goal.  This weeks reading winners are Angel W, Lilly F, Lena G, and Catherine D.

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