Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Final Numbers Are In!!!

This marks the official end to Virtual Summer School 2013.  I am so amazed at the level of participation this year.  We have had more students participating than ever before.  The addition of Google Docs, the Reading Tracker, and the VSS Blog have added so many more opportunities for learning this summer.  Everyone who participated should be very proud of themselves for taking the responsibility to further your education during the summer months, and your hard work will have paid off in September when you begin school.

We had a few more reading submissions this morning, so I'll give double bonus tickets to Cathryn A, Heidi S, Chelsea C., and Gracie T.  Nice job girls!

Let's take a look at the final numbers for the summer...

In Compass Learning, we completed a total of 2,159 activities and spent 363.5 hours working on them!

In Google Docs, VSS students created 3 drawings, 28 presentations and 151 documents!

Our final total for our reading tracker was 630 books!

All of that equals out to some great learning from about 70-80 kids this summer.  Fantastic job EVERYBODY!!!

Now, for the total tickets earned this summer.  Each student had an opportunity to earn 1-5 tickets for participation in Compass Learning and another 1-5 for Google Docs.  You earned 1 ticket for every 5 books that were submitted on the reading tracker.  I added your totals to what you earned for bonus tickets throughout the summer and the grand totals are now listed on the right side of this blog.  Prizes will be raffled off in the fall!

Congratulations to Delani M. for earning the most tickets this summer with 37!!!

Thank you to everyone for your participation!

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