Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekly Bonus Tickets

Here are this week's bonus ticket winners:

Compass Learning: We have 2 more students who have completed their Math Prep. Folders with scores all above 80%.  Delani M. and Taylor S. will both receive 3 BONUS TICKETS for completing their Prep. Folder.  Heidi S., Nick S., and Gracie T. will each receive 1 bonus ticket for working hard in their prep. folders.  Keep it up and all three of you will be receiving your 3 points for finishing.  Angel W. is going into 6th grade, so she doesn't have a math prep. folder, but she continues to work hard on her other Compass Learning folders, so she'll also receive 1 bonus ticket!

Google Docs: Maddie B. submitted a wonderful document about gymnastics.  That was very fun to read.  Logan G. wrote about her plans to join band next school year.  The acrostic poems still continue to be a popular writing piece - Lena G. wrote a great one about ice cream.

Reading Tracker: Lots of books were submitted this week.  Let's keep it up and see if we can top 500 over the weekend!  Emma T, Catherine D., and Alexis S. are all receiving 1 bonus ticket for their fabulous book entries this week.

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