Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 7 Assignments

There's only a few week left of VSS, so make sure you're getting all the points you can.  I expect some more gold medals once I go through and give points out for last week's assignments.  There are A LOT of people who are on pace to get some gold medals this summer, so don't let up now!  Keep working hard right until the end...

Compass Learning
Look for the Week 7 VSS assignments that are due on August 11th

If you've read some books this summer that you haven't yet put on the Reading Tracker, try to get them all on this week.  If you are reading an extra long chapter book, go ahead and put the page numbers in the section where you are describing the book and it may count as more than one book!

The week 7 reading passages are posted...they are all about Author's Purpose this week.  Enjoy!

WEEK & PROMPT - Introduce yourself to your new teacher...

Write a letter to your new teacher.  Tell them all about yourself.  For example, you could write about what you like about school, your favorite subject, who some of your friends are, what type of student you are, and so much more.  I will be looking for how much detail you are adding to these, and will certainly be looking for paragraphs from most of you.

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