Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Famous people!

This week student's focused on researching three different famous people! Third graders researched and wrote about Dr. Seuss, fourth graders had E.B. White and fifth graders reported on Harriet Tubman.

Brayden P. did a great job summarizing Dr. Seuss's life and even left us with an "I wonder..." statement!
Dr. Seuss is a fake name his real name is Theodore Seuss Geisel.  Dr came from his dad because his dad always wanted him to be a doctor and Seuss was his middle name and it was his moms maiden name.  He grew up in Springfield Massachusetts and that is only 5 hours and 2 minutes from here.  He was in WWII and my great Pepe was also in WWII, it would be cool if my Pepe had met Dr. Seuss.

Fourth and fifth graders made slide shows for their final product. The following are portions of their finished pieces!

Olivia N. did very through research on E.B. White and gave a great summary of his early life!

Logan G. also did a great job researching Harriet Tubman. She told about Harriet life and her successes getting hundreds of slaves to freedom.  

Again, when you research it is so important to cite where you get your information! 

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