Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How To Check Your Points

I will try to get each week's assignments graded and points out to everyone by Thursday after the due date.  Each week, your point total will be posted to your Google Classroom page.  Here's how to find it...

1. First, login to Google Classroom and scroll down to the week that you want to check the points for.
2. If I have submitted a point total you'll notice that there is a green check mark in the upper-right side of the assignment and it says "Returned" - this means that your grade is ready to check, so click "OPEN" (see below)...

3. Your point total is shown in the top right.  I also may have left you a comment, so check that at the bottom of the assignment for that (see below)...

REMEMBER, you need to earn at least 80 points in a week in order to move up a step each week.  I'll keep track of the step everyone is on by adding names to the right side of the blog where it says "Who's Stepping Up?"

1 comment:

  1. Keep working hard, OTES Students!!! We are impressed with your efforts to continue to grow and learn even in the "off season." Thank you to Mr. Rand for making the learning fun and engaging to all our students!