Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our state, our town!

 Each of the grade levels has a different focus for social studies that builds as students move up in the grade levels. In 3rd grade, they learn about Old Town, 4th the focus is on Maine and in 5th grade they start to master the states! Last weeks prompts, for the respective grades, were to share some of their favorite parts of their hometown, Maine or state in the country.

Abbey T. has some great ideas for what you can do during vacation! 
Vacation is an important thing. It should not be wasted at all! Do you feel the same way? But you just  don’t know where to visit. Lucky for you there are many places to visit in Maine! To begin we’ll start at Acadia National Park. You could climb a rugged mountain or relax and have a picnic at the beach. There’s also Thunder Hole and Otter cliffs. Bar Harbor is another place you could visit, you could go Whale Watching, go to gift shops and play at the park.These two places are the most popular in Maine.

Zoe Y. clearly loves her hometown! She named so many of the great places around town to visit! 
My hometown is Old Town, home of Old Town Canoe! Old Town is located in Penobscot County in Maine. It is also located on Marsh Island and surrounded by two rivers, the Penobscot River and the Stillwater River. Here are some great places in Old Town that you can visit, The Old Town Public Library where you can check out books, the Perkins Avenue Playground where you can play, The Boomhouse is a great restaurant in Old Town.

Whenever you research a topic, it is so important to remember to cite your source! You need to give credit to the author who wrote the facts and shared them with you. Always try to put your research into your own words!

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