Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 3 Assignments Posted

Week 3 assignments have been posted to Classroom.  Here are some highlights and things to remember...

  • Extra points for Scholastic this week, BUT YOU NEED TO READ AT LEAST 2 HOURS (120 MINUTES) TO EARN THE EXTRA POINTS! So start entering those minutes and READ, READ, READ this week.  You can earn half of your points just from Scholastic this week!
  • TenMarks assignments are all about fractions again.  This seemed difficult for lots of people last week, so make sure you are watching the HELP VIDEOS if you are having a tough time.
  • There are 2 assignments that are on a Google Doc this week (Assignment #4 and #5), so I recommend that you DO NOT click the "Turn In" button on either of these assignments!  If you do, it will turn them BOTH in, even if you're not done with both.  I will still get those assignments even if you don't click the "Turn In" button, so you can just do the assignment in the Google Doc and leave it alone...I'll get it.
  • I'll get Week 2 points out to everyone as soon as possible and we'll find out who our first students will be to earn a ticket by moving to Step 3 on the ladder!

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