Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Great Job VSS 2015 Students!

All final assignments for VSS 2015 were due yesterday and have been graded this morning.  I've moved everyone up the ladder to their final steps and posted that on the blog.  Everyone did such a great job this summer.  I was so impressed with the hard work that so many students put in throughout their summer months.  This will all pay off in the fall once school starts!

The pizza party celebration last week was a great way to recognize everyone's hard work, even those students who may not win one of the grand prizes at the fall assembly.

A reminder about the steps and tickets...you need to be on step 3 to earn 1 ticket in the drawing.  Step 5 gives you your second ticket.  Step 7 gives you a third ticket, and step 8 earns 2 extra tickets for a total of 5 tickets in the drawing.  We'll be drawing 6 grand prizes this year (last year there were 4).  We will be giving out 2 CHROMEBOOK LAPTOPS, 2 KINDLE FIRE HD's, and 2 $50 AMAZON GIFT CARDS!!!

Once again, congratulations on all of your hard work and we'll see you next week!

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