Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hit a Single this Week!

You can hit a single by earning your first baseball this week!  You need to complete enough assignments to earn at least 80 points in week 1 to get your first baseball.  Hitting a single means that you'll earn a certificate for participating in Virtual Summer School.  Your next step would be hitting a DOUBLE and getting an invitation to a pizza party by earning at 3-4 baseballs throughout the summer.  Five baseballs means you've hit a TRIPLE and have earned 1 ticket into the grand prize drawing.  If you are able to earn all 6 baseballs throughout the summer, that's a HOME RUN and you get a second entry in the grand prize drawing.  

Grand prizes this year include a popcorn party for your class, extra recess for your class, DQ gift cards, Kindle Fire tablets, and Chromebook laptops!!!

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