Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Little Boat" Responses Worth Bonus Tickets

I have had some wonderful responses to the Little Boat video and wanted to share some of the kids' thoughts about it with everyone. I've selected just a sentence that I really enjoyed from each of the students, not their whole entry...

Emma E. said, "The more the little boat traveled, it got weaker, but it also met more people and places that it liked so much it never wanted to give up."

Keely B. said, "It made me happy because when everybody saw that it was damaged they gave something of themselves to help repair it!"

Catherine D. said, "Life is full of surprises. There are rough times. But if you help other people, they will help you."

Lilly F. said, "As long as you keep going, there will always be hope."

Ciyenna H. said, "Anything or anyone can be reparied or helped by people that saw you struggling. . . . You should NEVER give up!"

One of Cassie K.'s favorite parts was "towards the end when the little boat goes back to where it's been and everyone makes it new again."

Ashley T. liked "the part where there was a storm and after the storm the 2 animals washed up on the boat."

 All of these students will be receiving bonus tickets for their very thoughtful entries!

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