Thursday, July 25, 2013

Double Bonus Ticket Winners

Double Bonus Ticket Week is now over and there were so many great submissions to go through.  Here are the winners, all earning 2 bonus tickets this week!

Compass Learning - There were lots of people who stood out this week in Compass Learning.  The top 5 showed a commitment to time and effort spent on their activities.  The winners this week are Emma E., Jason P., Seamus S., Kade S., and Joseph W. 

Google Docs - I love the creativity and effort that have been going into the Google Docs recently.  Some people are really going above and beyond with their submissions.  Max C. wrote a wonderful 5 paragraph story about the things he likes to do during the summer.  He did an amazing job organizing his story into paragraphs and adding details.  Cathryn A. went back to an earlier writing idea and wrote a submission about the best holiday.  She did a fantastic job of supporting her opinion with lots of facts and examples.  Keely B. wrote a great piece about a pottery class that she's been taking.  She did a wonderful job explaining and adding details.  Cassie K. recently attended a summer camp and created a very informative presentation about her time there.  Finally, Delani M. created a very scary presentation about haunted houses.  I loved some of the words she used to make it sound scary and provide lots of detail.  All 5 of you will be earning 2 bonus tickets this week!

Reading Tracker - There were lots of books submitted this week.  We are currently right around 350, which is awesome!  Double bonus tickets are going to the following kids for their submissions:
Logan G. for her submission on Piper Reed Campfire Girl
Selina H. for her submission on The BFG
Thaddeus F. for More Parts (one of my favorite books!)
Joshua W. for his submission on Meet the Monsters
Angel W. for her submission on Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

Congratulations to all of the Double Bonus Ticket Winners this week!  Pay attention to the blog and check in frequently as I will be giving lots of opportunities to earn ALL KINDS of bonus tickets for the second half of summer!

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