Thursday, August 15, 2013

This Week's Bonus Tickets

Compass Learning - There are no new names to add to the list of completing the math prep. folder at 80% or higher.  Three people have recently completed the folder and have just a couple activities to make up.  So, these three will receive 1 bonus ticket this week.  They are:  Thadeus F, Heidi S, and Gracie T.

Google Docs - Logan G created a wonderful google doc about what it was like to be in Mrs. Cyr's class last year.  Keely B. wrote a great summary of some of the things she did over the summer.  Great job girls!

Reading Tracker - This week's reading tracker bonus tickets go to: Lilly F., Kade S., and Maddie B..

Great job everybody!  Next week is the final week of Virtual Summer School.  I will put the total number of tickets earned throughout the summer on this blog next Thursday.  This will include all bonus tickets that you see on the list to the right of the blog plus any tickets that you earned for participation in the three components of VSS.

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