Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We'll give you a photo, you write the story!

This week's assignment was one of my favorite types of writing! Students were given different images at the grade levels to create a story around. As a twist they each also need to include a specific sentence!
Third graders used this image to create their stories, along with the line "his heart was pounding. He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn."

Jackson L. left us with a great cliffhanger!
Derek went to go lock the door because of the news. He got to the door and was about to put his hand on the knob when the knob turned right in front of him. Derek quickly locked the door and backed up. His heart was pounding. He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn.

Brayden P. had a great introduction to, someone who turned out to be, a great new family friend!
One Saturday morning a boy named Jack went to his grandmother and grandfather’s house.  Jack went down to the basement for the first time to get some newspaper for the fire.  Jack stopped quickly he heard noises behind the wall and he looked over and he saw a tiny door and his heart was pounding.  He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn and then the door opened and there was a tiny light blue fuzzy monster.

4th graders had to write about the photo to the right, we all know books can take us on adventures. But to GROW adventures? They also needed to include the line "he had warned her about the book. But now it was too late."

Olivia N. set a great, heart racing tone right away!
That night,  I went into my sister’s  room.  She passed out with the book open and the light on.  But, there was vines growing on the book.  Oh no,  something is going very wrong.  I ran down stairs as fast as I can go. I screamed “MOM, DAD COME NOW, SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG WITH ALISHA’S BOOK! MOM,DAD!”   We all ran up the stairs and into Alisha’s room.  When we got into the room, she was gone. The book was closed and the lamp was flickering.  Vines were everywhere.

T.'s main character seems determined to find out what actually happened in that house! I would be too if there was a murder AND the house took off.
It was a cold crisp night in October. I was walking on maple street my house was across from the haunted house. I say it is haunted because nobody had lived there for 4 years but every night the house glows up and hovers over the ground. Tomorrow night is the day that the old couple got murdered in that house. I sat in my bed that night thinking of that tragic day. I am going in that house tomorrow to see why it glows.

Reading all the prompts this week was so much fun! 
Everyone got so creative in so many different ways. 
Keep up the great work in the next 3 weeks!

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