Friday, July 5, 2013

Bonus Tickets

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July.  I've already heard about some kids' days on Google Docs.  I can't wait to hear about everyone else's!  Here are your bonus tickets for this week...

Compass Learning
Four bonus tickets given out this week for Compass Learning.  The kids are really stepping it up and making my job difficult.  I had to narrow it down from a list of about 15 that did a superb job this week.     The bonus tickets are going to: Emma E., Delani M., Seamus S., and Emma T. - Great job!

Google Docs
I've been amazed at how many documents have been shared to me recently.  It seems like every time I look at my computer there are 10 new stories for me to read.  I love it!  Some of the best from this week (and earning bonus tickets) were:  Logan G. with a response to the writing prompt about the best holiday.  Logan did a fantastic job of supporting her opinion with reasons and formed a great paragraph.  Cathryn A. made a fantastic presentation about her pets.  Each slide gave lots of information about each of her dogs and cats.  Alexis S. has created a presentation also.  Her presentation is full of poetry about school.  Each slide is a different poem that she wrote about school.

Reading Tracker
Remember, we are shooting for a goal of 1,000 books submitted this summer.  This week's bonus tickets are going to Madilyn B. for her submission on a book called Hello Ocean, Andrew H. for his submission on a book about Lou Gehrig, and Mallie O. for her submission on Beezus and Ramona.

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