Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 4 Assignments

Compass Learning
Lots of kids earned double points for Compass Learning last week.  Keep up the good work.  Week 4 VSS folders are now in your Compass Learning accounts.  As always, make sure you are doing the folders that start with "VSS".

I'll update the reading total soon.  Don't forget to be submitting reading tracker forms for all books that you are reading as well as books that someone else is reading to you.  Remember that you can come into the OTES library to check out books just like you do during the school year also!

New reading passages are also posted for each grade level.

Prompt - What is the best summertime activity?  This summer has had some beautiful weather and there's been lots of opportunities to do things out in the sun.  What is the BEST thing to do during the summer?  Maybe it's going to the beach, or going to the waterslides, or going the the REC or YMCA, or visiting family, or maybe it's something completely different.  Creating a writing piece that tells all about this activity and what makes it the best.  As always, include as many details as you can.  I am expecting paragraphs from 4th and 5th graders with an introduction and conclusion!


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